Lived In Hair Color: The goal of this technique is to create a hair color that looks like it has been lived in and has a natural, effortless appearance. The colors used are typically muted and not too drastic, making it easier to maintain the look without frequent touch-ups. This technique is often favored by those who want to enhance their natural hair color and add dimension to their hair without a dramatic change

Services & Pricing:

Lived In Color: Includes Toner & Blowdry / Style

Face Frame Lived in Color: $140

Partial Lived in Color: $175

Full Lived in Color: $220

All Over Color/Other Services:

Stand Alone Tone & Blowdry: $70+

(Maintenance Appointment for Lived in Color)

All Over Color: $90+ (ex. Brunettes & Copper)

Base Break Add On: $50

Haircut: $55

Learn the tips & tricks to achieve high level blondes & brondes. Creating customized lived in looks for each client.

Soft Bronde

Created to look like a sunkissed blonde with underlying beige tones. Creating a soft, dimensional look for your clients without getting rid of all their blonde. Bronde is a great way to brighten up brunettes.

Lived In Blonde

Dimensional & high contrasted blondes created while only using a few foils/pops, while embracing natural tones & natural root color. Low maintenance hair color for every client.

Beachy Blonde

Bright & airy blondes created with a little depth and tighter foils. Using less ash, & more champagne & golden tones are used to reflect without the unwanted warmth from raw blonde. Which will make the perfect beachy blonde.

Lived In Service Descriptions:

Face Frame Lived In Color: This is for clients who want a sunkissed look, more focus on pops around the face or a perfect touch up appointment. It covers the sections around the face and a few pieces in the back (I use my judgment on where this will be placed).

Timeline: 10-14 weeks (3-4 times a year)

Partial Lived In Color: This is for clients who are looking for a more all over dimensional look, more brightness or a refresh of previous color. Partial will cover the sections around the face and ½ of the back sections (I use my judgment on where this will be placed).

Timeline: Every 3-6 Months (1-3 times a year)

Full Lived In Color: This is for clients looking for a high impact change, all over dimension, major brightening or low maintenance clients looking for a once a year transformation. Full lived in color will cover the whole head and be evenly distributed to create dimension & brightness.

Timeline: 6-12 Months (1-2 times a year)

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